Need Some Plans for Christmas Break?

star wars marathon

Well…did you know that during Christmas Break, Schmaling will actually be having a STAR WARS MOVIE MARATHON!

Come, one and all, Monday through Wednesday from 3-5:30pm
(approximately) BOTH weeks of break
(that’s the 21st – 23rd, and then the 28th – 30th).

Refreshments will be served and the movies will be viewed in alphabetical order. That isn’t true even though it should be.

ALSO, this means that the Children’s Library will be CLOSED during movie-viewing times to non-movie-viewers
(the upstairs will still be open: chill).

*Please note: Miss Gwenn has set out many books, including all the Christmas themed books for all ages,  and DVDs in the downstairs lobby so that our patrons can still retrieve materials to check out upstairs during movie hours.

Finally, may it be duly noted that these movies have been rated PG, except for Episode III: Revenge of the Sith; it was rated PG-13.