Nourishing Read-Alouds for Children

photo of many children's books lined up atop a shelf

Instilling a life-long appreciation in our children for truth and beauty can begin with presenting them with quality, time-honored reading selections: stories that inspire a taste for excellence through their morals, words, and illustrations.

While there are many lists in existence available to direct and guide you to such worthwhile books, we have also provided a short list at the library of suggested READ-ALOUDS that have delighted us . . . and that we hope you will discover value in as well.

Currently the list, which is hanging on the wall downstairs in the children’s room, only consists of books from the EASY FICTION/NON-FICTION section; another list recommending books from the JUVENILE section is expected to be displayed shortly.

You may also access this list (PDF)—among many other stimulating ones—at our website on the page: Book Diet: Choosing the Best Books.