MidAmerica Books FREE e-Books and REsearch Database

Because this is just too good not to share today, we’re having 2 resources of the day today! I know parents and kiddos alike are looking for more books to read, so here’s some more FREE e-book access from MidAmerica Books! There’s the K-8 Digital Bookshelf: https://abdodigital.com/?tk=414F33301B8E136DEE3F0A93BF1795E1; the Secondary Digital Bookshelf for 5th through 12th grade: https://abdodigital.com/?tk=840BC558E6676AB1F4C9FA29D8EC6D69; and also the ABDO Zoom Research Database: https://www.abdozoom.com/zoomchoice/…. Thank you to MidAmerica Books for opening up access to these fantastic e-books!