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Baby, It’s Cold Outside…

Photo of falling snow

It’s official, winter has hit the Fulton area with a vengeance! During this time of unpredictable weather, the library director and board president often confer on whether or not to close the library for an entire day, open late, or close early. The biggest factor used in this decision is whether or not conditions are deemed safe for people to be out. When local police advise people to stay home, we almost always close for the duration of the weather warning. We will make every effort to be open as long as it is safe for our staff to travel to and from the library.

When we do close the library, we post notifications on Facebook, on our website, on KROS radio, and with all of the Quad City television news stations. When the weather is bad, it’s always a good idea to check these sources or give us a call to see if we’re open before you venture out in the weather. When we do close, all materials due that day will automatically be due the following day we are open and no fines will be assessed for the day we are closed. If you need to renew, you may always do so by calling the library (you may leave a message during off hours, as well), emailing us, or accessing your online account.

If you cannot make it to the library due to a physical or health impairment, we do home deliveries and pick ups of library materials within the Fulton city limits, as well. This service is especially helpful to seniors during the winter months when snow, ice, and cold weather may make it difficult to get out and about. If you would like more information on home deliveries, please give us a call.

Expanded Large Print Section

Photo of new Large Print Bookshelf

Large Print readers rejoice! Due to popular demand (and the fact that we’ve completely run out of room) we’ve expanded the Large Print Collection with this beautiful (made-to-look like our old) new shelf built by local craftsman, Mark Pruis, and stained and varnished by our very own multi-talented librarian, LeAnn Smith! We’ve got lots of new large print books to help fill it as well!