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Virtual Dutch Days 2020

Virtual Dutch Days 2020

Hello out there in Fulton and beyond! We’re gearing up to reveal the Virtual Dutch Days 2020 webpage on Saturday, May 9. All content will be available on the library’s website ( on Saturday morning and we’ll be sprinkling our Facebook page with content throughout the day, so you can choose to experience the Virtual Festival all at once on the website or bit by bit on our Facebook page. The Virtual Dutch Days page will be available on the website and the posts on our Facebook page for the foreseeable future, so, if you can’t make it on Saturday, don’t worry…the festival will still be there waiting for you later on.

In the meantime, WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!!! Here is a list of things you can help us out with (helpful tip: you can email us with your smart phone just by typing into the “To” box in your text messaging app):

1) Decorate your windows, yards, sidewalks, etc. with a Dutch theme!

2) Antique vehicle owners, please email ( photos of your antique vehicles for our Virtual Dutch Days Antique Vehicle Show. Please submit photos by 7pm Thursday, May 7.

3) Kids, build a miniature float and have your parents email a picture of your float to the library ( so we can include it in the Virtual Dutch Days Parade. Please submit all photos by 7pm Thursday, May 7. WE DON’T HAVE MANY FLOATS YET AND I KNOW THERE ARE TONS OF CREATIVE KIDS OUT THERE WHO COULD MAKE SOME REALLY AWESOME FLOATS!

4) Tractor owners, email us photos of your tractors for our Virtual Dutch Days Tractor Show! Email photos to by 7pm Thursday, May 7. In the body of the email, please include the owner’s name (if they’d like to be acknowledged) and the make and model of the tractor.

5) We need models for our Virtual Dutch Days Fashion Show. Dutch costume owners, don your costumes and take a selfie, or send us a picture of you or your family member in Dutch costume from Dutch Days past! Let’s see if we can get all the provinces and different costumes represented! Email your photos to by 7pm on Friday, May 8.

Virtual Dutch Days Parade Floats

Virtual Dutch Days 2020! Today we’re asking for some help from all the kids out there! Watch the video below to see some examples from Ms. Britni and her kids!

We need some floats for our Virtual Dutch Days Parade. So, how about it, kids? Can you make a miniature float (it does not need to have wheels) out of a cardboard box, LEGOS, Play-Doh, modeling clay, etc? Just anything you have around the house. Be creative! Then have a grownup email a picture of your float to the library at by 7pm Thursday, May 7. Make sure your parents tell us what your name is and what the theme of your float is. Then we’ll include the picture of your float in the virtual Dutch Days Parade! You do not need to have any particular theme for your float, but any floats depicting violence, obscenity, hate speech, or weapons will NOT be included in the virtual parade.

And remember to keep decorating your windows, yards, and sidewalks with a Dutch theme!

Virtual Dutch Days 2020

Virtual Dutch Days 2020 decorative image

Calling all Fulton residents and Dutch Days fans! As I’m sure you all know, Dutch Days has been cancelled this year. I know that I’m going to miss it and I bet a lot of you will as well. Because we can’t all get together in person at Dutch Days, the library staff has decided to put together a virtual Dutch Days on our website. We’ll be putting together a lot of fun Dutch Days related content for you and we hope to have the Virtual Dutch Days page ready to reveal by May 9 (I realize Dutch Days would have been May 1 and 2 but we just decided to do this). Throughout the next week we will have lots of ideas for how you can get involved in our virtual Dutch Days. A lot of you are familiar with the Heart Hunters Facebook group and I’ve seen a lot of hearts around town. Keep your hearts up by all means, but could you add a Dutch theme to your windows or yards? Put up some windmills, tulips, wooden shoes, create a Delft (blue and white) heart window or chalk drawing? Be creative! We’re working on creating a Facebook group to add photos of your Dutch Days related creations but are experiencing some technical difficulties. When it’s ready, we hope you’ll post photos of your creations. Or in the meantime, you can email photos to us at and we’ll share them on our Facebook page and our website!