Fine Forgiveness Opportunity


If Shel Silverstein’s poem resonates with you a little too personally: never fear. During NATIONAL LIBRARY WEEK (April 13 – 18), Schmaling will be FORGIVING FINES. Yeah, that’s right. Obviously, some restrictions, parameters, rules, and stipulations will apply (you are dealing with librarians, after all)*; but for the most part, during the week of April 13th you may walk away from the library with your freshly, liberated head held high.

* All overdue items must first be officially returned; patrons with fines over $10 who opt to receive this grace may do so this year only (it’s bureaucracy, not theology); you must be able to list 3 of the 10 major classes that comprise the Dewey Decimal system.

New Young Adult Titles in March

New titles including and besides those shown are:
AFTERWORLDS, by Scott Westerfeld (click here for a review)
DEFINE “NORMAL” ,  by Julie Anne Peters
LETTERS TO A BULLIED GIRL – Messages of Healing and Hope, by Olivia Gardner
MOONSET, by Scott Tracey
PROM EVER AFTER, by Dona Sarkar, Caridad Ferrer, and Deidre Berry (seriously, that seems like cheating)
PUSHED (“Sense Thieves” series), by Corrine Jackson
STUCK IN NEUTRAL, by Terry Trueman

e-Read Illinois’s Magic Wall

eread IL screen shot

eRead Illinois’s MAGIC WALL keeps you up to date on all the new e-books available for you to borrow (for free!).

There are categories for just added, new releases, most popular, and hidden gems.  Some titles of interest available for you to read on your e-reader include:

  • THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN, by Paula Hawkins
  • DARK PLACES, by Gillian Flynn
  • AMERICAN GODS, by Neil Gaiman
  • The TRYLLE NOVEL series, by Amanda Hockling
  • SERENA, by Ron Rash
  • IF I STAY, by Gayle Forman
  • many of Wanda Brunstetter’s novels
  • … and just too many to list, but please know there are numerous non-fiction, classic, children, and teen titles to keep you very busy!

So if you haven’t yet, please stop into the library to receive your specific login instructions and start e-reading today!