a photo of a new series of picture books donated by Ron and Connie Koehn about Pettson and Findus by Sven Nordqvist

Highlight: Koehn Donations from Sweden

Ron and Connie Koehn always delight us with the excellent book selections they acquire abroad in order to generously donate to Schmaling. Their most recent discoveries hail from Sweden and consist of several books from a popular and charming series by Sven Nordqvist about Farmer Pettson and his cat, Findus.
I was personally excited to see the other book featured a childhood favorite of mine: Pippi Longstocking — Pippi Långstrump in Swedish. Her creator, Astrid Lindgren, was a prolific writer who received numerous awards for her books about Pippi and many other offbeat characters. You can read more about her and her works here –

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