A picture of four non-fiction children's books about the Pilgrims and the Narragansett Native Americans.

A Cornucopia of Children’s Books

Thanksgiving books abound here at Schmaling,
just waiting to nourish your child!

Besides the plentiful selection Miss Gwenn has displayed throughout the Children’s Department, here is a short list of other highly recommended, worthwhile books pertaining to the season, which may easily be requested through the inter-library loan system:

    • Cranberry Thanksgiving, by Wende and Harry Devlin
    • The First Thanksgiving, by Jean Craighead George
    • Squanto, one by Clyde R. Bulla and another by Feenie Ziner
    • Squanto and the Miracle of Thanksgiving, by Eric Metaxas
    • Stories of the Pilgrims, by Margaret Pumphrey
    • The Story of Thanksgiving, by Nancy Skarmeas
    • The Thanksgiving Door, by Debby Atwell
    • The Thanksgiving Story, by Alice Dagliesh
    • Three Young Pilgrims, by Cheryl Harness