photo of the book "The Letter for the King" by Tonke Dragt setting on a bookcase display end
Tonke Dragt’s 1962 endearing work is classic adventure novel, and has been acclaimed as a Sunday Times, Times and Metro Book of the Year.  Surprisingly though,  it has taken until 2013 for it to be translated into English — thanks to Laura Watkinson and Pushkin Press. It’s considered a staple of childhood in the Netherlands, somewhat like the Chronicles of Narnia or the Harry Potter series would be to many of us. In 2004 it won the fantastically-named “Griffel der Griffels” prize, which means it is considered the BEST Dutch children’s book of the last FIFTY years. With black-and-white illustrations, a map on the inside cover, and medieval themes of chivalry, loyalty, and heroic quests; I think this book could easily satisfy any Tolkien or John Flanagan fan.

Look for it in the YA section!