Fulton’s Amazing Race

raceFulton’s Amazing Race is back! We are eagerly looking forward to this annual fun-filled family event scheduled for Tuesday, July 19th, at 5:30pm. Join us for some friendly, yet serious, competition for all ages as you and your team race throughout downtown Fulton working together to complete a scavenger hunt.
Teams need to include at least one adult; the necessary registration forms are available now at the library.  As always, we will be awarding prizes to 1st – 3rd place winners and providing pizza after the race!
We will be accepting registration until 5:30pm on Tuesday evening. Also, the following are some necessary instructions concerning the race:
  • The race will begin in the Children’s Room at the library at 5:30pm. If you are able, please arrive 5-10 minutes early. All teams are due back at the library by 7:00pm.
  • Your entire team must be present before you begin the race.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothing! It would also be a great idea for your team to dress similarly or all wear one distinctive item: be creative!
  • Each team will be provided with a bottle of water to begin the race.
  • This is a FOOT race; please do not bring or use any bikes, skateboards, scooters, etc.
  • You are strongly encouraged to bring a camera or camera-phone in order to complete photo challenges for extra points.
  • We will go over the specific rules of the race on the day of the race. Be sure to arrive early!