Highlight: The Historian Tales

photo of a new YA series lined up alongside the windowsill

A new YA series is available at Schmaling that we feel will interest many of our YA readers.  The Historian Tales is a trilogy consisting of The Price of Creation, The Price of Nobility, and The Price of Loyalty; written by Lance Conrad — a laser-building, gourmet vinegar-loving new author.  He shared in an interview with Smashwords, an e-book publisher, that “his passion for writing comes from the belief that there are great lessons to be learned as we struggle with our favorite characters in fiction.

The Historian Tales pulls the reader along with the central character, the Historian, as he literally struggles to uncover his true, unknown, identity.   Traveling through time and worlds with him, the reader encounters various technologies, cultures, and magic as the historian discovers his own destiny in the life-stories and choices of those he meets.

“I’ve always felt very influenced by Louis L’Amour. The man taught as he wrote and he worked hard at it. Following his characters through their struggles did a lot to shape my young mind. Concepts like bravery, respect for women, and true manhood are concepts I think this world could use a lot more of, especially now.” — Lance Conrad

In addition to this trilogy, we also have the first book of Conrad’s next series The Sword Bearer Chronicles, entitled The Weight of Swords.  This series seems more action-packed; its plot centers around an ancient warrior caste dedicated to the defense of their people against the ravenous, ever-encroaching, local dragon population (Samurai dragon-hunters, basically).  To complicate matters, their leader is abducted by foreigners in the middle of a dragon-siege.

Hopefully many of you will enjoy these two new series from Lance Conrad.  And remember: if the book you desire is currently checked out, we  can reserve it for you so that you receive it first upon its return.


*Quotes from the author are from https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/lancelit