photo of outside of the building with a window magnified

Window Restoration Project

Beginning on May 30th, Schmaling Memorial Public Library will undergo the first phase of a window restoration project, which is anticipated to last approximately six weeks. During this phase of the project, the exterior aluminum storm windows and wooden framing will be removed from over top the windows, revealing the original windows underneath, most of which are original to the 108-year-old building. The glass panes in the basement windows will be removed and replaced with newly textured glass panes. The exterior of the window frames will be scraped and repainted. A protective glass covering will then be installed over the original windows. This phase of the project will result in the library’s original arched windows being visible from the outside and will have the added benefit of sealing those old windows up tightly against the elements. The interior window frames will be refinished at a later date.

During this first phase of the window restoration project, the library staff hopes there will not be any disruption in services. While the glass is being replaced in the children’s room of the library, that area will have to be closed to the public. Therefore, from May 30th until all of the glass in the children’s room has been replaced, the children’s room will remain closed. Carts of children’s books and other materials will be available upstairs. Patrons will also be able to request that a staff member retrieve other items from the children’s room if need be while the area is closed. Parking will also be even more limited than usual as some of the library’s parking area will need to be used to house a dumpster throughout the course of the project.

*UPDATE: Things have gone very smoothly and we are more than pleased with the exceptionally skilled work of Glass Heritage.  To see pictures of the work progression and finished product, please click here.