Virtual Dutch Days Parade Floats

Virtual Dutch Days 2020! Today we’re asking for some help from all the kids out there! Watch the video below to see some examples from Ms. Britni and her kids!

We need some floats for our Virtual Dutch Days Parade. So, how about it, kids? Can you make a miniature float (it does not need to have wheels) out of a cardboard box, LEGOS, Play-Doh, modeling clay, etc? Just anything you have around the house. Be creative! Then have a grownup email a picture of your float to the library at by 7pm Thursday, May 7. Make sure your parents tell us what your name is and what the theme of your float is. Then we’ll include the picture of your float in the virtual Dutch Days Parade! You do not need to have any particular theme for your float, but any floats depicting violence, obscenity, hate speech, or weapons will NOT be included in the virtual parade.

And remember to keep decorating your windows, yards, and sidewalks with a Dutch theme!