Family Reading Night Kits Available

Photo of Lions Family Reading Night Kit

Calling all families! It’s time for Family Reading Night! Family Reading Night is a statewide family literacy initiative encouraging families to take the time to read together. The official Family Reading Night is Thursday, November 19. However, you can celebrate Family Reading Night and read together as a family any night or day! In order to help you do just that, we have put together Family Reading Night reading kits. Each kit features 1 fiction and 1 non-fiction book, a DVD to go with them, and an assortment of activities, and goodies. Simply call us up, tell us which bag you’d like, and schedule a time to pick it up. We’ll check the books and DVD out to you for 4 weeks. When you’ve finished with them return the books and DVD and keep the bag and all its goodies! This year’s theme for the Family Reading Night kits is Zoo Mania! Below is the list of available reading kits. Pictured is the Lions Family Reading Night Kit. There is only one of each kit available, so call to check yours out today!

Elephants (A)
Elephants (B)
Penguins (A)
Penguins (B)
Exotic Birds
Polar Bears