“. . . Get A Library Card?”

For our complete policy concerning this issue, please read here.

If you reside or own property within in our service area (Fulton city limits), you are eligible to receive a library card free of charge, as part of your tax-supported library service.

Your library card allows you to:

  • Borrow books from our local library, all PALS member libraries, as well as most other public libraries in Illinois.
  • Use special online collections to find magazine articles and information you can’t get just by searching the web.
  • Request materials from other PALS libraries through Interlibrary Loan (a free delivery service)

To get a library card:

  1. Complete a Patron Registration Card. *Registration for patrons 13 yrs. and under requires signature of parent/guardian.
  2. Present a photo ID containing your current address. * If your ID does NOT supply your current address, please provide an additional form of ID verifying your current address (a piece of mail, rental lease, vehicle registration, bank statement, etc.)
  3. If you live outside of our service area, but still within the River Bend Community School District, you may be eligible for a Non-Resident Card. Please ask library staff for details or see our Registration Policy for Resident and Non-Resident Patron.