“. . . Pay Your Library Fines and Fees Online?”

You may now pay your overdue fines and fees — including all service fees for copies, faxes, and DVD cleaning —online using your credit or bank/debit card.
The minimum amount that is accepted for an eCommerce payment is $1.00.
It is not possible to pay part of an individual fine. Users may select which fines they want to pay for, but must pay fully for any fines they select.
If a patron makes an eCommerce payment, it is processed through PayPal’s PayFlowPro.
Once a payment is made, it is immediately credited to the patron’s account and can be seen in Fines Paid with a payment type of eCommerce.
Users may choose to print a receipt or have it emailed to them.


Here’s How To Do It:

• Click on the PrairieCat link which always appears on the right hand side of the website.

• Log in to your online account with your library card barcode number and library PIN, which is the last four numbers of your barcode number unless you have changed it to something else.

• Click your name in the top right corner of the screen to access your account.

• Click “Fines/Fees” in the left-hand column

• Once your record appears click on $x.xx in unpaid fines and bills line

• Click on Pay Online

• Click in the boxes of fines or

fees you want to pay online

• Click Recalculate Total

• Enter your billing and credit card info

• Click Submit

*No credit card information is stored on the PrairieCat server. You will need to provide your information each and every time you make a payment.