Registration Policy for Resident & Non-Resident Patrons

Resident Patron Registration Policy

Library cards will be issued at no cost to any resident living within the city limits of Fulton, IL. At the time of registration the patron will be asked for a valid photo ID (Driver’s License, Non-driver’s ID, passport or military ID). If the address on the ID differs from the current residence, the patron is asked to supply verification of their current address, by one of the following methods:
·       A piece of mail addressed to the patron at their current residence.
·       A current lease or contract.
·       Car registration.
Patrons living outside the Fulton city limits, but within the River Bend Community School District are eligible for one Non-resident card per family for a fee in accordance with Illinois state statute and the library’s Illinois Non-resident Card Policy (see current policy for details and current fee).
Registration for patrons under 14 years of age requires parental/guardian signature (parent or legal guardian of the child must be present at the time of registration).
Duplicate cards are issued at a cost of $1 for a first replacement, $2 for a second replacement, etc. with the cost increasing by $1 for each successive replacement card to all patrons in good standing (no overdue materials/outstanding fees exceeding $3.00).
 Adopted by Schmaling Memorial Public Library District Board of Trustees 1/13/04

Non-Resident Card Policy

Non-resident patrons are defined as any local Illinois resident residing OUTSIDE the library’s service area (Fulton City Limits) who:

  •  Is un-served by any other Illinois public library                                           AND/OR
  • Owns property or a business within the Fulton City Limits
  • Resides within the Riverbend Community School District
For FY2023, the cost for a Non-Resident Library Card at Schmaling Memorial Public Library District is:
  •  $70.00 per household (fee covers all residents within the taxpaying household.)
  • Cards are valid for one calendar year from the date of issuance.
  • Patrons must obtain non-resident cards from the Illinois public library located within the school district in which they reside.
  • The minimum fee for a non-resident library card is calculated according to a formula provided by the Illinois State Library as prescribed by Illinois state statute*.

 Albany, Illinois Residents

Schmaling Memorial Public Library District recognizes patrons of the Albany Public Library as reciprocal patrons of an Illinois Public Library. As such, Albany Public Library Patrons may utilize the collection of materials at Schmaling Memorial PLD, providing they present their valid Albany Public Library card at time of service.
Reciprocal privileges are limited to Schmaling Memorial PLD’s collection alone and do not extend to Interlibrary borrowing (ILL).
Approved 6/21/10, fee updated 10/20/14, Schmaling Memorial Public Library District Board of Trustees
* established by statute 75 ILCS 5/4-7 (12) and 75 ILCS 16/30-55.60