What is FOIA?

FOIA is the Freedom of Information Act, which to quote its website “is a law that gives you the right to access information from the federal government. It is often described as the law that keeps citizens in the know about their government.”

You can read the rules and regulations regarding this law and how it applies to you in this attachment (pdf): FOIA Rules and Regulations

In addition, you can visit the the FOIA website here, or the Illinois Attorney General website here.

The following information must be published here on our website and is taken directly from the preceding attachment:

Organizational Description

Schmaling Memorial Public Library District is a full-service public library and a member of the Reaching across Illinois Library System.

Mission Statement

The Mission of Schmaling Memorial Public Library District is to connect the community to a diverse selection of resources that inform, enrich, educate, and entertain.

Board of Directors and Staff

Schmaling Memorial Public Library District is governed by a seven member elected Board of Trustees. The library employs eight part-time staff.


The library district’s annual budget is approximately $107,000.

Index of Public Records

A list of types or categories of records under the control of the Schmaling Memorial Public Library District is as follows:

Financial Records
Appropriation Ordinance
Bills and invoices
Receipts of revenue
Cancelled checks
Receipts for fines
Salary schedules
Utility bills (e.g., telephone, gas, electric, and water)
General ledgers
Board Records
Minutes of board meetings
Minutes of committee meetings
Board Resolutions
Board Ordinances
Board policies
Personnel policies
Contracts for maintenance and repair
Professional consultant contracts
Pension fund records
Insurance policies
Building inspection reports

Computer records concerning the library’s holdings and cataloging records, patron requests, and transactions

Note: provision of some of this information may be prohibited by the Library Records Confidentiality Act.

Summary of Procedures

A. The request must be written: forms are available at the SMPL circulation desk and from the designated FOIA officer.
B. Written requests include those received by letter, fax, and email.
C. Please be as specific as possible about the type of information requested.
D. The request should be directed to the FOIA officer.
E. Requests sent through the mail should be sent to the FOIA officer at this address:

Schmaling Memorial Public Library
501 10th Avenue
Fulton, IL 61252

F. The first 50 pages are provided free of charge, as long as they are letter or legal size and are black & white.
G. Any copies over 50 pages are $ .25 per page.
H. The library district does not charge for the search or review of records, or for personnel costs involved.

Denial of Requests

A. The requester will be notified in writing if the library district intends to deny a request submitted under FOIA.
B. If denied, the requester has the right to a review of the request by the public access counselor.
The library district will respond to written request within the 5 business days specified in the statute, or within the exceptions as allowed by the statute.

FOIA Officers

Britni Hartman and Gwen Smith (