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Pizza Ranch’s “Community Impact” Hits Schmaling

copy of Peter Bruegel's painting, The Weddign Feast, depicting long tables of guests being served by several men


One of our favorite things where we typically eat too much of our favorite things.

Join us MONDAY, SEP. 12th from 5-8pm at PIZZA RANCH, in Clinton, IA, where a portion of the night’s profits and tips will proceed to the library in order to purchase another one of our favorite things: books!

Pizza Ranch regularly schedules Community Impact fundraising events and we are thankful to have received the opportunity to participate in one.  Even more gratifying is the ability to benefit our patrons by increasing the collection here at Schmaling.

We are also looking for volunteers to assist us during this feast, so please contact our director, Britni Hartman, if you are so willing.

Thank you and we look forward to buffeting with you!